Is your feed up to the mark?

Why FeedSafeNZ?

If you feed animals for a living, or just have some backyard chooks – you should know about the FeedSafeNZ accreditation programme. FeedSafeNZ tests the ingredients and processes used by New Zealand feed manufacturers to ensure the feed you buy is made to the highest possible quality standards.

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What are you feeding your animals?

Join Te Radar as he shares some fun facts and feeding tips for your animals.





How do you know if the feed you give your animals is FeedSafeNZ? 

It’s as simple as checking right here to find out if the company you buy feed from in bulk, or the brand you buy from a retailer, is FeedSafeNZ. Or you can look for the FeedSafeNZ logo on the packaging.

“Using stock feed that’s FeedSafeNZ accredited is a great way to protect the health and wellbeing of your animals.” 

– Te Radar

Te Radar points at Feedsafe logo on chicken feed sack

Do you know if your animal feed is safe?

Purchasing from an accredited FeedSafeNZ manufacturer is essential for both the protection and the wellbeing of your animals.

5 Benefits of FeedSafe NZ Accredited Animal Feed

With so many feed options out there for farmers, it’s hard to know what the quality options are and where they can be sourced from.

Fewer, better-fed cows can deliver methane cuts

New research shows that improving feed conversion efficiency in dairy herds could see them thrive while still meeting methane reduction targets.

Famous Kiwi helps put FeedSafeNZ on the radar

We’re proud to announce a new partnership with Kiwi comedian Te Radar.

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