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If we are what we eat, and for many of us, that includes animals and what they produce, then what animals eat should also be something we care about.” 

– Te Radar

Te Radar stands in a field holding a hen with sheep in the background

FeedSafeNZ was introduced in 2015 to guarantee quality control of animal feed made in New Zealand. This quality programme is run by the New Zealand Feed Manufacturers Association (NZFMA).

Why is animal feed important? We know that animals do best when they get a diet rich in fibre, essential nutrients and protein. FeedSafeNZ certified feed helps you keep healthy animals, rear the best meat and produce the best milk and eggs, while spending less on costly vet bills as a result of poor nutrition.

FeedSafeNZ tests the processes used by feed manufacturers, so you can give your animals the high-quality feed they deserve. It includes an on-site audit of ingredients, plant, storage and operations. FeedSafeNZ also tests that any additives are what they claim to be.

Our audits are carried out annually by AsureQuality, a company that provides food safety and bio-security services worldwide.

Only FeedSafeNZ accredited manufacturers may use the FeedSafeNZ logo on their packaging. If the feed you buy has the FeedSafeNZ mark, rest assured it is made to the highest possible standard.

FeedSafeNZ requires animal feed manufacturers and blenders to meet minimum standards in relation to everything from growing and harvesting, through to processing, blending and storage.

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