Famous Kiwi helps put FeedSafeNZ on the radar

November 24, 2022
Te Radar stands in a field with his foot resting on a sack of FeedSafeNZ animal feed

New Zealand Feed Manufacturers Association (NZFMA) is proud to announce a new partnership with local comedian and agricultural community mainstay Te Radar.

A passionate lifestyle block owner from a farming background himself, Te Radar feels strongly about animal health and welfare. Having the right nutrition for farm animals is an important part in maintaining their overall welfare, so promoting NZFMA’s FeedSafeNZ programme only seemed right.

“Animal health and welfare is something I feel strongly about, so the opportunity to partner with the NZFMA to help spread the word about their quality assurance programme was a natural fit for me,” Te Radar said. “If we are what we eat, and for many of us that includes animals and what they produce, then what animals eat should also be something we care about.”

“No matter what animals you’re feeding – whether you’re farming cows for a living, or maybe just have some backyard chooks – you want them to live well and be healthy. What you feed them is an essential part of that,” he said.


Buying feed from FeedSafeNZ accredited brands means animal owners can feel confident they’re looking out for the best interests of their livestock. Together with Te Radar, we’ll be launching an upcoming campaign to drive awareness of the benefits of the FeedSafeNZ programme.

Promoting FeedSafeNZ with Te Radar

Te Radar is a well-established figure within New Zealand’s agricultural community with previous appearances as frontman of Fieldays TV and MC of FMG’s Young Farmer of the Year awards. As a mouthpiece for the agricultural sector, Te Radar understands the thoughts and concerns of our audience, which makes this partnership incredibly valuable.

Te Radar will be fronting our campaign to drive the message of how important it is for farmers and animal owners to choose animal feed and nutrition that is officially accredited by FeedSafeNZ, and how they can visit our website to easily find out which feed brands are accredited.

Part of the campaign will include videos with information on the benefits of the FeedSafeNZ programme, for both makers and buyers of animal feed. Look out for these videos to appear on our site.

There will also be screenings at the upcoming Fieldays event as well, where we will be joined by Te Radar at our FeedSafeNZ stand. A regular host at Fieldays panels, this year he will also be hosting a discussion panel for feed-related topics.

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