The FeedSafeNZ Guide to Feeding Rabbits

February 28, 2024

 Rabbits are cute and fluffy companions and also make great fertilizer producers, as rabbit manure makes for an excellent organic fertilizer which helps improve soil quality and healthy crop growth.

 To keep them thriving, rabbits require special attention to their nutritional needs, so providing the right rabbit feed is important for their overall well-being.

A rabbit’s diet

Rabbits love eating. In fact, rabbits’ love for eating made for a French superstition in the past. They consider it bad luck to have a rabbit on ship. Legend has it, the reason this superstition came about was because a cargo of rabbits once at the bottom of a ship!

Rabbits are herbivores, and their diet primarily consists of high-fiber greens and hay. Leafy greens like kale, spinach, and lettuce are also good choices and help to provide them with all essential vitamins and mineral. Hay makes up the majority of their diet, helping with proper digestion and dental health but formulated feed like pellets must also be included to ensure they receive all essential nutrients.

Two white little rabbits eat feed from a plate on a white background. Food for domestic and meat rabbits. Compound feed, pet shop.

Nutritional Needs of Rabbits

Rabbits need a high-fiber diet to maintain healthy digestion. Hays are rich in fiber, preventing gastrointestinal issues.

The leafy greens they enjoy eating are packed with essential vitamins A, C, and K. These vitamins support their immune systems, promoting healthy skin and aiding with blood clotting. Additionally, minerals like calcium are also crucial for bone density and strength.

Pellets can offer a blend of different nutrients as well, providing a balanced mix of proteins, minerals and vitamins which can help to make up any areas where these may be lacking in their diet. Make sure when you give your rabbits pellets, that they’re from only the highest quality sources, like these suppliers which are FeedSafeNZ certified.

Proper nutrition is essential to maintain the health and well-being of your fluffy friends. When you buy FeedSafeNZ qualified rabbit feed, you can be sure all ingredients and processes that go into making it are of the highest possible standard. By providing a balanced diet which addresses all their dietary needs, farmers can be sure they’re raising happy and healthy bunnies.  Look for the FeedSafeNZ tick the next time you buy feed for your rabbits.

 For more information on FeedSafeNZ and how we ensure the best quality animal feed for New Zealand, visit our About Us page to find out more.

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